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May 11th, 2017

We always love it when scientists corroborate something that we have always instinctively known, and this happened again recently.

Australian researchers have shown that doing moderate exercise several times a week is the best way to keep the mind sharp if you’re over 50.

A review of 39 studies showed thinking and memory skills were most improved when people exercised the heart and muscles on a regular basis.

What is really good news, is that according to the research published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine this is true of people who already showed signs of cognitive decline.

Even for those less able to take demanding physical exercise, activities like gentle T’ai Chi are highly beneficial.

We already know that exercise is a great way to reduce the risk of physical diseases, like type 2 diabetes and some cancers, but it’s great to find out it also helps ward off the brain’s natural decline as we enter middle age.

The theory is that through exercise the brain receives a greater supply of blood, oxygen and nutrients that boost its health as well as a growth hormone that helps the formation of new neurons and connections.

Joe Northey, study author and researcher from the Research Institute for Sport and Exercise at Canberra, said: “Even if you are doing moderate exercise only once or twice a week there are still improvements in cognitive function, but the improvements were better the more exercise was done.”

We know from our experience at DoCare, that many of our clients find exercise a challenge. But it seems from this research that even sitting in a chair, doing simple leg and arm movements, will be a great help.

This blog was written by Christine Ryder, DoCare Team Leader. If you have a relative who you think would benefit from DoCare’s services, or would like assistance yourself, please get in touch. If you are interested in a rewarding career as a support worker, we would love to hear from you – please give us a call or you can apply online.