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March 10th, 2017

This week, Chancellor Philip Hammond unveiled his first, and last, spring Budget and among the many announcements was one that was music to our ears at DoCare – an increase in funding for social care.

Mr Hammond announced that councils will receive an extra £2bn to fund adult social care over the next three years: £1bn of the cash will be released in 2017-18 to allow councils to “act now” and commission more social care packages to “relieve pressures on the NHS”. The remaining funding will be provided in 2018-19 and 2019-20.

We can’t be sure at this stage how much this funding will help – will it make a big difference or will it just be a sticking plaster, patching up a severely underfunded social care system?

There is also a concern that the money may not reach the frontline services, where it is sorely needed.

Colin Angel, policy director of the UK Homecare Association (UKHCA), of which DoCare is a member, said: “At first sight, the Chancellor’s budget appears to be good news for the social care sector in the short term. While councils are expected to spend public money wisely, there are few apparent measures to ensure that this additional funding reaches frontline social care services where it is most needed, rather than plugging gaps in existing budgets.

“It has been encouraging to hear government acknowledge the pressures on the social care system, and that it will publish a green paper later this year to look at longer term solutions to support care services for older and disabled people. We should be aware, however, that green papers do not themselves create a change in government policy, so optimism about the long-term future must be tempered by an awareness that a sustainable solution is still some way off. For any long-term solution to be effective, government must fully involve provider organisations in shaping a new direction for adult social care.”

We’d absolutely endorse this at DoCare: the extra funding is welcome, but it’s just one step on the road.

In the meantime, we’ll carry on providing a quality service to our clients, striving to make every day a better day for them.

This blog was written by DoCare Director Steve Mills.  If you have a relative who you think would benefit from DoCare’s services, or would like assistance yourself, please get in touch.  If you are interested in a rewarding career as a support worker, we would love to hear from you – please give us a call or you can apply online.