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March 6th, 2018

We’ve just had some of the worse winter weather we have seen for a long time, with the Beast from the East bringing sub-zero temperatures and Storm Emma whipping up snowdrifts.

Keep hydrated by drinking water

So this may seem a strange time to be talking about hydration. That’s just something for the hot weather isn’t it?

Well, the answer is “no”. Because keeping hydrated is important at all times, and dehydration is possible at any time, whatever the weather.

Older people in particular are more at risk of dehydration. As people age, the amount of body water decreases, so even a small loss of water can lead to dehydration. Older people often experience a diminished thirst sensation, so they feel less inclined to drink. On top of this, the kidneys have a reduced ability to concentrate urine and retain water during water deprivation.

At DoCare, we look for warning signs that our clients might be dehydrated and try to take steps to prevent it happening. These include:

  • Raising awareness among our clients of the importance of drinking regularly
  • Offering drinks
  • Making sure a drink is within easy reach
  • Encouraging clients to take fluids with medication

Here are a few interesting facts, curtesy of the Natural Hydration Council, a not for profit organisation dedicated to researching the science and communicating the facts about healthy hydration:

  • Water accounts for about 60% of an adult’s body weight
  • It performs crucial roles in our body such as carrying nutrients to cells, helping to remove waste products from our major organs and helping to regulate our body’s temperature
  • It is constantly being lost from our body, not just when we go to the toilet, but also through our skin and breath
  • Our brain is 73% water, so poor hydration can also affect how it functions
  • Studies show that dehydration can reduce our ability to concentrate, our cognitive and physical performance, and increase feelings of aggression or irritation
  • We don’t have a real water storage in our body, so it must be replaced regularly by water from our diet.

So there you have it. Water is important – so do remember to drink up, even when it’s cold outside.

This blog was written by Una Mills, DoCare Director. If you have a relative who you think would benefit from DoCare’s services, or would like assistance yourself, please get in touch. If you are interested in a rewarding career as a support worker, we would love to hear from you – please give us a call or you can apply online.