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April 13th, 2017

We were amazed to read about new research by scientists at the University of York, which suggests that there is a potential link between eating Marmite and activity in the brain.

Marmite - beneficial link to brain activity

Here’s an excerpt from the Alzheimer’s Society’s new release:

The study found that participants consuming a teaspoon of Marmite every day for a month, compared to a control group who consumed peanut butter, showed a substantial reduction of around 30 per cent in their brain’s response to visual stimuli, measured by recording electrical activity using electroencephalography (EEG).

Commenting on the research Dr James Pickett, Head of Research at Alzheimer’s Society said:

“Evidence shows that our diet plays an important role in the way our brain functions. This research only looked at how people in their 20s responded to visual stimuli rather than testing their thinking or memory, so there’s no way to say from this study whether eating Marmite can affect your dementia risk. But the study does give us a deeper understanding of how certain aspects of diet could affect the function of nerve cells in the brain.

“Along with eating a healthy diet, the best ways to reduce your risk of dementia are to exercise regularly, avoid smoking and keep your blood pressure in check.”

At DoCare, we’re not sure if this is definitely good news for Marmite lovers. What we are pleased with is the extent of the research which is being undertaken into brain activity, and the potential causes of and cures for dementia.

The more work that is done, the closer we are to finding a solution to this condition.

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