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November 29th, 2017

We’re fast heading into December and we’ve already had a few frosty mornings, with more on the horizon as we move towards winter.

Keep warm in winter

Keep warm in winter

This can be a difficult time for elderly people, particularly those who are less mobile and so find it harder to keep warm. So here are a few simple steps everyone can take to make sure they are prepared for the winter chill.

  1. Keep warm by wearing several thin layers of clothing, because warm air is trapped in between
  2. Keep living rooms at 21C and bedrooms at 18C
  3. Get the heating system serviced and the chimneys swept – now a great time to do this. A serviced boiler is more fuel efficient
  4. Take up invitations from the GP to have a flu injection – these are free for elderly people
  5. Use a hot water bottle, wheat bag or electric blanket to warm the bed – but always remember to turn off an electric blanket before going to sleep
  6. Eat at least one hot meal a day. Making a hot meal need not take long. A boiled egg or omelette take just a few minutes
  7. Keep basic food items in, so the freezer and larder are stocked – this means you are prepared in the event of snow.

Our support team will be out and about, as they always are, this winter, keeping an eye on our clients. They’ll be passing these tips on to them. If you have an elderly neighbour or relative, why not do the same? It could make all the difference.

This blog was written by Una Mills, DoCare Director. If you have a relative who you think would benefit from DoCare’s services, or would like assistance yourself, please get in touch. If you are interested in a rewarding career as a support worker, we would love to hear from you – please give us a call or you can apply online.